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Home renovation coach

30-Day Focused Renovation Package

Transform your space with our "30-Day Focused Renovation," a tailored package for small-scale home renovation projects. This 30-day program includes an initial 90 minute ramp-up call + 3 comprehensive 60-minute calls, each designed to streamline your renovation process with our expert guidance.

be your own general contractor

Full-Scale Renovation Blueprint

Embark on a comprehensive home makeover with our "Full-Scale Renovation Blueprint." This 90-day package is perfect for extensive renovations or those needing extra guidance on smaller projects. It includes an initial 90 ramp-up call + ten 60-minute calls that take you through our complete Home Reboot program. Also includes project planners and workbooks to easily stay on top of everything!

Plans Review

Project Boost Calls

Not quite where you hoped to be and would like some additional sessions with me and my team? We've got you! Order this package for an additional three 60-minute sessions to make sure you get your home in "guest ready" condition. Whether it's covering last minute changes or increasing the scope since you've saved so much $$$$ - let's start building!

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